Synnøve Midtbø Myking

Postdoctoral fellow (SDU)

Visiting researcher and postdoctoral fellow 

Centre for Medieval Literature



Research and projects

My postdoctoral project FLANDRIA (Flanders, Norway, and Denmark: Relations and Intertextual Exchanges in the High Middle Ages ca. 1080-1383) examines the contact between Flanders, Norway, and Denmark in the High Middle Ages, and how this contact influenced Scandinavian manuscript culture. Flanders, especially Bruges, was a hub for trade and sea travel, where Scandinavians would disembark to continue their journey over land when having errands on the continent. To study how these interactions helped to shape manuscript culture, the project compares Norwegian and Danish manuscript material, which mostly survives in fragmentary form, to Flemish medieval books, integrating textual, codicological, and palaeographical aspects.
The project is financed by a three-year mobility grant from the Research Council of Norway.