Thomas Heebøll-Holm

Associate professor (SDU)

Asscociate professor 

Department of History 

Centre for Medieval Literature


Phone: 6550 9520


Research areas

Maritime and political history, medieval historiography, comparative studies of medieval Denmark,England and France

Research information

As a medievalist, I have dabbled in many fields of research ranging from military to emotional history. However, my main interests lie in maritime and political history with a focus on Denmark, England and France in the high and late Middle Ages. A particular field of expertise is the history medieval piracy. Here the three maritime theatres of medieval Europe – the Mediterranean, the Atlantic/ North Sea and the Baltic offer at the same time distinct and yet similar problems and narratives of maritime predation. This is a topic I continuously publish on, both studies of particular theatres and comparative analyses.I also work on Danish medieval historiography and especially the Gesta Danorum by Saxo Grammaticus. Currently, I am engaged in editing a Companion for Saxo Grammaticus together with Professor Lars Boje Mortensen.