Uffe Holmsgaard Eriksen

Postdoctoral fellow (SDU)

Postdoctoral fellow 

Retracing connections: Byzantine Storyworlds in Greek, Arabic, Georgian, and Old Slavonic (c. 950 – c. 1100)



Research and projects

Uffe Holmsgaard Eriksen (MA Theology, PhD) has worked extensively on Byzantine hymnography, especially the so-called kontakia of Romanos the Melodist (ca 485-560). In his dissertation, Drama in the kontakia of Romanos the Melodist. A Narratological Analysis of Four Kontakia(2013, Aarhus University, unpublished), he applied narratology to the study of hymns. In 2015-2018 Eriksen was a part of the larger research project ”Text and Narrative in Byzantium” under the direction of professor Ingela Nilsson at Uppsala University in Sweden.
He is currently researching narratology and the connections between Byzantine hymnography and hagiography in the Retracing Connections-project. Eriksen’s research project is focused on theological and religious narrative and what distinguishes such narratives from fictional and unnatural narratives.
Besides his research in the Retracing Connections-project, Eriksen teaches religion and history of ideas at VIA University College in Aarhus. He is also co-editor of the newly establish Danish journal, SANG, as well as a performing musician with folk music oriented bands.