April 5-7, 2022

CML Conference. Scale(s) of Literary History – Europe c. 500-1500

The Danish Institute, Rome

Centre for Medieval Literature

Scale(s) of Literary History – Europe c. 500-1500

For the call for papers, see here. 

Deadline CFP: 15th September 2021


The conference will meet over three days. Papers will last 20 minutes and be followed by 30 minutes of discussion per session. Since the substantial discussion following the papers is as important as the papers themselves, papers will not be allowed to overrun. Each session will have a respondent/moderator who will read papers in advance of the session and launch the discussion of their session through a short reflective invitation. 

If necessary, the conference format will respond to a continuing pandemic by becoming hybrid (combining online and in-person attendance) or moving fully online.

There will be a modest amount of preparatory theoretical reading in advance of the conference.


The conference will take place in the Danish Institute in Rome, located in the Villa Borghese Park and housed since 1967 in a unique building designed by the Danish architect Kay Fisker.


There will be no charge to attend the conference. There will be a charge to cover the cost of the conference dinner. Delegates are responsible for covering the cost of their travel and accommodation. A small number of bursaries will be available for PhD students and early career scholars, for further information contact Chiara D’Agostini (cdagostini@sdu.dk).


More information on the programme will be published on this page when available. 


Please note that all attendees will be requested to register in advance for the conference and will be responsible for booking their own travel and accommodation. 

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