December 1, 2020

Publication, Aglae Pizzone, "Self-authorization and Strategies of Autography in John Tzetzes. The Logismoi Rediscovered"

CML/Danish Institute for Advanced Study Assistant Professor Aglae Pizzone has recently published the open access article Self-authorization and Strategies of Autography in John Tzetzes. The Logismoi Rediscovered.  

This article introduces the modern reader to the Logismoi by 12th century byzantine scholar John Tzetzes, a work hitherto believed to be lost. Aglae Pizzone found a sizable portion of the Logismoi in the Leiden ms. Vossianus Gr. Q1, which was furthermore edited and glossed in Tzetzes's own hand. The article explores contents and form of the work as well as its overarching meaning, beginning with its title, which aims to portray Tzetzes as a metaphorical Grand Logariast, reviewer and critic, of literature. Besides providing new textual material, the paper offers a fresh look on 12th-century Constantinopolitan cultural life, revealing first-hand details on the circulation and "publication" of texts, as well as on the close relationship between bureaucratic and literary culture.

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